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MCC News: Join the National Cricket Tea Debate by taking the Mistley Cricket Club Cricket Teas Survey

Do you like tea, cake and sausage rolls?

On a national and local level the debate rumbles on about whether the traditional cricket tea is still relevant, or even desired, in the modern game.

On side of the debate, the cricket tea is at the heart of the traditional village cricket match and should be protected.

On the other, the demands of modern life have created a desire within some to shorten the time it takes to complete a cricket match.

This, coupled with the practicalities and cost of provision, could render the tradition as unnecessary and/or outdated. This survey is very much aimed at Mistley Cricket Club’s players AND supporters, and the views of our supporters who help make the club what it is, are just as valued as those of our players. If you have a view either way, no matter how strong, please take a few minutes to share your opinion with us in our club survey.

The survey is now closed

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