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Annual Membership Fees in 2022

What is changing?

Mistley playing membership looks a little bit different this year. In 2022, your playing membership fee includes all of your cricket for the whole summer – no more match fees!

For the average player, this will mean a significant saving on the money you spend playing cricket in 2022. At £140 for standard annual male membership and £70 for non-standard, you only need to play nine matches to be better off than under the old pay-as-you-play system –  any matches beyond that and you are essentially playing for free!

Why is it changing?

The main reason behind the change is that many of the club’s major expenses coincide at the start of the season. These include some of the most vital ingredients for a cricket match, such as the match ball and our club insurance policy (costs which together run into thousands of pounds each year).

Therefore, we have found it the necessity to gather more funds at the start of the season, whilst ensuring we continue to deliver value for money for our members.

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